What Time Is It?

Once upon a time,  I posted this on my Facebook page:

Some people commented, 6 re-posted.  Izzy, an avid Adventure Time fan, was one of those people.
As a fellow fan of the show, I began thinking of my favorite characters, Marceline and the Ice King/Simon Petrikov.

I knew that she was also a fan of Doctor Who and tried an Adventure Time/Doctor Who crossover.  Simon and the Doctor do both wear bow ties, after all.  But none of the drawings really read the way I wanted them too.

And dancing baby Finn made an appearance.

But since this was for Izzy, I decided it should be about her favorite characters, not mine.  So Fionna and Cake it was.
I tried to come up with some female versions of the bad dudes that hadn't been done, like Marceline's dad, Xergiok, and the ninjas from the pilot episode.


In the end, I went with Lemongrab, Memow, and a dragon instead of the Goblin King and the ninjas, and I am pretty happy with this thing.

Just as a note, I do not claiming any of these characters as my own.
This was just a fun piece of art to make and isn't really part of my portfolio.

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