This month's creative challenge over at Laika was Coraline themed.  Pretty good excuse to watch the movie.  I had my sketchbook handy while watching.

After watching, I did some thumb nailing, here are a few of the more important ones.

While watching the movie, I knew I wanted to do something like the one in the top left - the tunnel to the Other house.  While sketching, I thought about how the house seemed almost like a character in the movie and thought that I should include it in the composition.
I went with a different composition, but kept the colors that I had planned on using in the tunnel drawing.


The Marky Way

I have a new daily sketch blog over on Tumblr called The Marky Way.  Here I'll be posting daily drawings of things that have to do with outer space.
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 The Super Moon

 The asteroid Nyx

The Rover Spirit


Bear animation

Playing around with some animation.  This one's just a test.  How about an animated recipe?