Chalk the Block and My Newest Mailer.

This September, I got to do some chalk artwork at Chalk the Block in Easton, OH again.  Since it's a family event, I wanted to make a family-centered image that was also focused on the season.  Here are some of the thumbnails and sketches I came up with while still working out my idea.

Here are some process images from putting the drawing on the sidewalk.  We were given Blick soft pastels, and I was able to finish my square well under the six hour time limit.

I really liked the results and wasn't tired of the image, so I decided to paint it with watercolors.  When expanding the sketch, I decided that I wanted to make this my next postcard.  I expanded the top to make room for my name, and used some of the initial sketches from the project on the back of the postcard.

Maybe you'll see this in your mailbox at the end of the month!

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