Rock the Ville

Last week I participated in Rock the Ville in Westerville, Ohio.  I got a 10x10 foot square and a couple boxes of pastels and the opportunity to make whatever I wanted.

The image I chose was one that I made for a small pastel piece a few months ago.  After a long, drawn out argument with the pastels, the original drawing is sitting, unfinished, next to my desk.

I changed the composition to fit a square, keeping most of the elements of the first one intact.  I am just now noticing that I forgot the mohawk-seahorse, which makes me a little sad.  I do plan on painting this one at some point, so don't fret, little mohawk-seahorse, your day shall come.

I really enjoy the opportunity to make art in public.  I had little kids, impressed, asking me how I learned to "draw so good." Stay in school kids, stay in school.

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