Amulets: Mjölnir

I began this series of illustration based on the concept of amulets for a contest.  I didn't finish on time due to a great assignment from Cricket Magazine, but decided to compete the images.
The brief for the contest was to create illustrations based on the idea of amulets.  Amulets can be anything that a person thinks holds power.  It can be anything from a rabbit's foot, to a favorite pencil, to a talisman imbued with the power of ancient spirits by a shaman.


The first amulet I decided to illustrate was a Norse Mjölnir pendant.  Mjölnir was the Norse god Thor's hammer, and pendants were widely used for protection and strength in battle.


I decided on Jötunn as the antagonists in the illustration, and after a cat-water accident, came to this final piece:

final piece

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