Influence Map

I'm doing a bit of work right now. Working on some valentines, a portrait of Vincent van Gogh, a pair of pieces about the Golem myth, a comic book, and a piece about a dragon based on text by Beth Post. Unfortunately, I don't have any work for any of these scanned well.
I found this thing called the "influence map" on Kate Beaton's blog, and thought it looked like something neat to do. So I did it.

1 Mercer Mayer was one of the first artists I loved as a kid. His books made me want to draw.
2 Ramon Bachs was one of the first comic book artists whose style I was really drawn to. His work influenced me to start with the animation program at EUP.
3 Jon Foster made me want to be an illustrator. And he's a real cool dude.
4 Paul Cezanne and...
5 Vincent van Gogh were two big influences on the way I looked at paint and at color when I moved to the painting program at EUP.
6 Sterling Hundley was a big influence during the one illustration class I had at EUP. I tried to emulate his style at first and helped me create strong work at the Illustration Academy.
7 David Wiesner's Three Pigs was the basis of my graduate thesis at SCAD. His books changed the way I thought about kids' books and their use in kids' lives.
8 Gustav Klimt was another stylistic influence after the Illustration Academy. I tried to incorporate design and pattern into my work after seeing his.
9 Lane Smith inspired me to jump out of the traditional notions of a book and question the way books are normally drawn/designed/written.
10 Herge was one of the first styles I identified with when I started to find my own. I also loved the animated version of Tin Tin when I was young.
11 Shaun Tan provided a stepping stone for me from knowing about traditional kids' books to learning about postmodernism in kids' books.
12 Oliver Jeffers makes books that I really like.
13 David Petersen is helping me right now while I'm working on a comic book. I just really like his Mouse Guard.
14 Kate Beaton's Hark A Vagrant helped my decide that I wanted to start making comics.
15 Scott C. makes cute look awesome which is something I want to do.

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