Another Herman Melville Illustration

Earlier this year, I got the opportunity to have an illustration published by Harper's Magazine. I chose to illustrate Herman Melville's The Town-Ho's Story. The art director chose this image for me to finish:

I really liked more than just that one sketch, so I decided to go to finish with another image. I finished it a few weeks ago and finally scanned it today.

It seemed like it had been a long time since I had updated here. The post below this one is the 100th on the blog and I was going to make a big deal out of it, finishing 100 drawings of outer space. I am still working on them - they're taking a lot longer than I expected. I'm going to save them for now and make a big deal about a post sometime in the future. For now, be satisfied with Steelkilt from The Town-Ho's Story.

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Evui said...

Awesome work, Mark! Congratulations on getting published too, whooo!!! I really do love that second piece, the composition is wonderful :D

Glad to see you're doing well-