Paul Bunyan

Here is a book project I worked on this spring. I completed a few pages and hopefully will have most of it done by the end of the summer.
I started Paul Bunyan as a 32 page children's book, but going through multiple sketches and ideas for each page, the final book ended up being 40 pages long. (though at one point it was 25 double page spreads - 50 pages.)

So after I chose the thumbnails that I would like to take to finish, I did drawings at the size that they would print as a book. I planned to print at Blurb.com and liked their 8x10" vertical size, meaning my double page spreads would be 8x20". I don't really like doing spot illustrations unless I have to, so all of the pages in this book were full bleed double page spreads.
Once I completed the drawings, I laid in the text, which took a very long time to figure out.

Then I finished a few.

I had to turn in a copy of the book at the end of the course (my last course at SCAD by the way), so my girlfriend, Nicki Crock bound the pages together really nicely (in lumberjack plaid) and helped create a dust jacket. She took these pictures before I had to sadly part with the book forever.


Louise Smythe said...

very cool! congrats on finishing this project!

michael robertson said...

wow! beautiful work! very impressive.

Mark Eberhardt said...

thanks a lot!

KATIA WISH said...

Wow! I'm very impressed. The design of the whole book is just right and the finishes look so good!
You improved so much in this year.

Sarah H said...

Love the composition and layout of each page :) so much thought went into every detail... and the night sky scene is beautiful