As of two weeks ago - graduating from SCAD with an MFA in Illustration - I have been without the ability to scan.
I can't scan until I get a scanner and I can't get a scanner until I have enough money, so hire me!

I have been doing work, though it is a little difficult to in Buffalo. I have been painting outside to keep my oil skills in check and have been drawing in my sketchbook.

This painting was done in Orchard Park NY, where I'll be for the rest of the summer, by Yates Park.
This drawing was done from some old photos for a project I'm just starting focusing on size relationships and cowboys.


Blythe said...

looks great as always, mark. i know how you feel, i'm really missing the scanners and light tables right now.

Trevor said...

Glad to see yer keeping with the oils man. Don't forget about your other water-based child though...and that wasn't an airbender reference.

Mark Eberhardt said...

Yep, I'm just finishing up a watercolor painting of a cat and a tiger. I turned my parents' kitchen into a studio while they were gone for a week.