Landscape Painting

This morning, I went out painting with my friends Candice and Trevor.
I spent the better part of my undergrad painting outside - buildings and telephone poles mostly - paintings that focused mainly on the skies.
Since graduating and going on to the Illustration Academy and studying at SCAD, I've left oil paint in the dust, opting for a slightly quicker medium that works well with what I how I want my art to look. It's nice to get my hands dirty again with oils.

Last fall, my friend Beth and I were planning on doing a pair of Bill and Ted paintings but the plan fell through when Beth got hit by a car! (she was okay though.)

This is the first time I have used soft brushes rather than bristle brushes and I kind of like the result, though it looks nothing like anything I have ever done before.

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Louise Smythe said...

that last one is nice!