Monsters: Kraken and Ahuizotl

There is a show at SCAD sponsored by the "Society of Illustrators" club called "Monster Masquerade." I did two pieces for it in watercolor. They're incredibly small compared to the normal size I work at. The fine artist in me hates working this small.
The first image is of the Kraken, and the second is the Aztec water monster, Ahuizotl. I'm sure you know about the Kraken, but the Ahuizotl is like an aquatic monkey with hands for feet and a hand on it's tail. It drags it's unfortunate victims down into the water where it eats pieces of its prey and leaves the rest to wash up on the shore.
Pleasant huh?

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KATIA WISH said...

UUUUh! I really like the suggestion of underwater creatures in the second one! Nice. Spooky.