illustration academy

the illustration academy was my best illustration experience ever. before it i had only one illustration class in undergrad and with only the past seven weeks to go by, i feel very confident following a career in illustration in the close future.
so here are some of the pieces that i did in those seven weeks:

this first piece was the assignment from gary kelley. we were randomly assigned a color and had to show that color, simply, through an image. i got the color red. this was my first real acrylic painting since what was probably my sophomore year in high school, five or six years ago.

acrylic and colored pencils on watercolor board.

this assignment was given to us by chris (c.f.) payne. for this one, we had to depict a conversation between two people. mine shows two people who came across something gross on the ground while walking down the street.

oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor and colored pencil on watercolor board.

this last assignment was given to us by scott anderson and robin eley. we were randomly given a letter of the alphabet and had to create an image of a musician or band to correspond with that letter. i got S and chose to paint sufjan stevens.

acrylic, oil and gold leaf on masonite board.

the other assignments included a jack and the beanstalk image which i will eventually photograph or scan, a portrait of a character from a book which didn't go very well, and a picture of sarasota.

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