jon foster demo

so jon foster's in town and he gave us a demo in painting yesterday. he started with a picture of nicola tesla and a pile of oil paints.

first he showed us the three ways he likes to start a painting. (the first two pictures.)

then he started on his final painting.

(it was pink shirt day at the illustration academy by the way.)

all in all the demo was about two and a half hours long and the pain in my butt from sitting on a cement floor was well worth getting to see my favorite artist do what he does best.

(those are squeegee marks in the background on the left side.)

jon's palette.

after the demo, i promptly went out and tried to buy all of the paints that jon said he uses.

jon is a really great guy and i wish he was at the academy for more than a week. it was his work that inspired me to be an illustrator in the first place and it's amazing to get his input on the pieces that i am creating.

it's great seeing your hero do what it is that makes him or her your hero. sterling hundley is also here at the academy and seeing him do demos of his actual illustrations is a fantastic thing.

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