Sketchbook #25

I haven't done a sketchbook post in a while, so here's a pile from the last one I finished.  Most of my sketchbooks are custom made by Nicki Crock, and this was no exception - it had all sorts of different papers in it and the cover was made from an old pair of pants, pockets and all.

 Expression studies. Brush pen.

 After reading a article about the overview effect. Sumi ink.

 Animals on leashes.

 Observations in gouache in Hilton Head, SC.

 Wild-Westifying people in the bookstore.

 Turkey mama and babies at the Highbanks Metro Park.

 Dudes watching eagles at the Metro Park. Brush pen.

 Drawn with a red rock on the banks of the Olentangy.

Viking kid and cafe patrons. Pencil and coffee.

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