Hot off the presses

At the newsstand this week is September's Cricket Magazine, featuring three illustrations by yours truly.  I was commissioned in April/May to do two half pages and a spot for a short piece of historical literature about overcoming adversity.

Here is some of the progress work:

And the finals:

Emile, our main character is blind and a headmaster at a school for blind children.

He meets Edward Whymper, the first man to summit the Matterhorn.  Whymper inspires him to climb his own mountain, and learn to read despite his disability.  The characters in this image were inspired by my brother Doug and I as kids.

After describing mountains to him, his brother gives him a stone as a reminder. 
Go to your local bookstore and pick up this great issue!

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Sarah Alfarhan said...

This looks great Mark! Really love your illustration of Emile, the composition is great :)