Sketchbook 16

I'm just finishing up my sixteenth sketchbook since my first visit to the Illustration Academy. This one has taken me a little longer than the others did, but I'm getting back in the groove. Here are the highlights.

The easiest most location for me to draw is the Barnes & Noble cafe. It all started in Savannah, and now I hang out at the one next to the Ohio State campus.  They get lots of students hanging out and doing work.

Farscape was my favorite show.

Really blind contour drawings.  Sitting outside at night, I couldn't see what I was drawing.

I take my sketchbook on walks.  One of the local parks has a small herd of buffalo.

At a monthly meeting with Nikki Smetters

His favorite thing to complain about was how people who complain about snow should move to a warmer climate.

You have to wonder about some people.

I think that if pugs were in Star Trek, they would be really friendly Klingons with respiratory issues.

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