A Few New Thumbnails

I recently was invited by my old high school to participate in their upcoming Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Arts this May. I thought I'd take the opportunity to create a few new pieces that will (hopefully) look good hanging on a wall and be new portfolio pieces for me.
Here are the thumbnails:

The first idea came from the desire to have a piece with more architecture in the background. My recent Golem piece (which you can view in the "Art for Everyone Else" section of my website) has buildings in the background, but still feels like a fairly shallow space. I wanted an open, light space where I could play with perspective and atmospheric perspective.
The second thumbnail basically came from me reading a short blurb about Tomoe Gozen. Tomoe Gozen was a female samurai, which was rare in the 12th century, and was apparently an amazing warrior.

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