Here's what I'm working on:This is redoing a painting that I did at the Illustration Academy last summer. I really liked the piece I did for Gary Kelley's color assignment (my color was red) but it no longer fits the way that I am working. So here is the sketch for my next piece, which I am going to start painting tonight.

And this is the original piece that I did at the Academy last year. Originally, I used gouache, acrylic, colored pencil and maybe a little oil. As I've worked over the last year, I've realized that simplicity works best for me, and though this mixed media technique looks good, It just plain takes too long to work this way.


Louise Smythe said...

i love the fox! great work, mark. :)

dadu shin said...

hey cool man! post up the final when you get a chance please :)

Mark Eberhardt said...

I finished it about a week ago, but I'm on the move, so I can't scan it. I'll post it when I get back to Savannah!