Illustration Academy Figure Drawings

nupastel. probably ranging from about 5 minutes to 20.
at the academy, we had figure drawing sessions every tuesday and thursday evenings. there was an emphasis on shape, silhouette and value relationships.


Sam said...

ah memories. I like these mark-thanks for the reminder

Briana Hertzog said...

Hey Mark, these are beautiful! I especially like the blue one!

Duncan Robertson said...

These are all really solid. I especially like the third from the top.

Katia said...

Very dynamic drawings. I like your choice of background blue color. It really works.
It's nice to see variation of pressure of pastel on the paper. I remember how difficult it was to achieve that.

Mark Eberhardt said...

I've got some extra paper, so it'll be nice to get to go do some more drawing while I'm in Savannah.