Here are a two sketches for pieces that I just finished.
The first is a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Our assignment at the Illustration Academy was to create a conceptual portrait of someone who we either really liked or really disliked. After going through quite a few ideas, I came to this image of Abe bringing people together.
The second image I worked on this week is a piece based on the Haida story about Raven stealing the sun. I did this piece to kind of meditate on topics for the stories I will be working on in the fall.
I will post the finished images of both of these pieces when I get the newest version of my website up in about five or six weeks.


Charla Pettingill said...

What a great name you've come up with for your blog!! I'm going to try the Market Bazaar on the 11th...wish me luck! =)

Gavin Goo said...

Nice skecthes :) Great stuffs in your blog too!