Phone poles and art history

I'm getting out and trying to paint "landscapes." I'm working on a series of telephone pole paintings like the good ol' days of undergrad except now I think I'm better than I was then. So here are the first two in the series. I have to get five done for class but I really like doing them so I'll probably get more than that finished. They're both oil on acrylic on Masonite boards, about 8x10". I may do a larger one when I get some money to buy more boards.
I'm also busy writing a paper on Illustration history compared to the history of mainstream contemporary art. So far I've got pieces on Pyle, Wyeth and Rockwell done. Only twelve pages left to write. Wish me luck.
Only thirteen or so days left of classes here in Savannah and I'll be headed home to Buffalo. I'll be visiting Edinboro the week after Thanksgiving, so if you're there look out for me.

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